File Specifications

All images and documents must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Especially, scanned images and photographs.  Logos in vector format are preferred.

All colors in your document must be CMYK. If using spot colors or RGB, in your design please convert them to CMYK before saving, duotone images must also be converted to CMYK. Exact color match cannot be guaranteed. Critical color requires a color key or match print. Please refer to CMYK values or a Pantone color swatch. Monitors and inks create color in two very different methods. Monitors create color by emitting a combination of Red, Green, and Blue to generate a specific color. Inks and paints subtract light from the visible light wavelength and reflect the specific color provided by the pigment.

As much as possible, please save your files in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, PDF or TIF format. Please avoid saving images in a .jpeg format since this format compresses the image data. This creates distortions in poster-size printing. If the image is only available as a jpeg, please ensure that the resolution is greater than 300 dpi.

This file specification helps minimize delays and ensures the quality of your colors and your print quality.

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