Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of prices do you charge?

We strive to maintain a very simple pricing model. We DO NOT charge art set up fees, rush fees, or any other miscellaneous fees. We run a very lean operation to keep costs low. If the invoice amount is going to be significantly higher than your original quote, we will notify you and provide you with an explanation before we process your request. Our philosophy is based on transparency, fairness, and honesty. Our main goal is to provide you a very enjoyable experience when it comes to fulfilling your  marketing needs.

Layout design and unparalled customer service are our strengths. To highlight our strong points, we need personal interaction. Online pricing would only lead to comparison in the wrong market and neglect our strongest attributes. Each assignment is as important and precious as the products and services we will provide you. Every client's needs are as unique as their individual personalities. Accordingly,we will instead, work together with you to come to a fair exchange. We make sure both parties get what they need from the experience and walk away happy. Call or email us today. We promise that we will not bog you down with a weighty sales pitch.

What is your turn around time?

We typically have an average turn-around time of 5-10 days. Some jobs may require a longer turn-around time due to many different variables that arise. Typically, these variables include the following but are not limited to: file issues, logistics, volume, and how much design is needed on our part.

What type of materials do you use?

We will always strive to give you the best value for your money. We do not use the cheapest materials and equipment. Yet, with our pricing model, we feel that you do not have to choose between quality and price. We will always ask questions about your needs. We use different materials for different environments and we make recommendations on what we feel is the most appropriate for your application. Our materials are made in Germany and in the USA. We use cast vinyl, 13 and 18 oz banner material, and 30 mil magnetic sheets for car magnets. Tell us what your specific needs are, and we will be more than happy to discuss your various options with you.  

Do you use cut vinyl or digital print?

We use both, with some requests, a combination of both. We primarily use digital printing for several reasons. We prefer to print because we can offer more colors, more choices, and layouts. It also keeps our costs low because it removes the burden of maintaining 250 different rolls of vinyl for different colors. A combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black can provide the possibility of creating up to 16 million colors by adjusting their proportions to one another. With that said, we are able to pass some of our savings to you, while enhancing quality at the same time. We use the vinyl cutter to cut around the printed images.

What is the biggest size you can print or cut?

For banners, the widest we can print is 46 inches (with hem) and the longest is up to 40 yards.

On vinyl, we have the ability panel an image should we have an image that is more than 48 inches wide. In theory, we can cover an entire building with graphics provided that funding and time are abundant. Our Vinyl cutter can cut up to 54 inches by 50 feet accurately.

How long do your graphics last?

Based on our vendors and manufacturers, our inks may last up to for 3 years outdoors    (unlaminated). Laminated graphics may last up to 5 years outdoors. The vinyl material that we use may last up to 7 years outdoors. These materials generally last a lot longer for indoor applications. However these claims are based on their industry experiences and various weathering tests. There are many different factors that will affect the longevity of your graphic, these include but are not limited to:  Humidity, Air Pollution, Climate, UV exposure, temperature, wind, altitude, abrasion, cleaning methods, the surface that they are applied to, and exposure to harsh chemicals.

Banners and coroplast signs are meant to be for short term use.

 Do you do deliveries?

Yes, time and place will be arranged for local deliveries. For deliveries greater than 25 miles from downtown San Antonio, delivery charges may apply.

For our customers outside the greater San Antonio area, we will discuss different shipping options. We ship through FedEx, UPS, or the United States Postal Service. We only charge shipping costs to cover the shipping and the necessary packaging. We do not have a profit margin for shipping related costs.

What is your policy regarding the subject and content of a request?

We, as an American company, strongly believe in the freedoms provided to us by the Bill of Rights. We believe that everyone has the right to free speech and to express one’s ideas. We do not maintain an editorial control of our clients’ content. We only check for typographical, layout, and grammatical errors. We do not alter images without the client’s express consent or instruction. We are very open to all different political and socioeconomic views.

 Freedom of Speech also implies responsibility. We do not process requests that infringe or violate the rights of someone, or anything that violates the law.

Other than layout and style, do you provide any custom design services?

Yes. Please call us to discuss your needs and options. We have some clients where we had to design logos and images for from scratch. Our clients now own these images. 

Do you offer any Channel Lettering, Neon, LED Signs, brochures, business cards, or flyers?

We work with some of our strategic partners that manufacture and install them, should you require such services.

Do you carry General Liability Insurance?

Yes we do, should you require that of us, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss that with you.